Voice of the Customer Metrics Analysis

Curious to discover the formula behind proving the value of CX for your business? With this course, you'll find the most effective strategies to analyze the voice of your customers, optimize your CX metrics like NPS or CSAT and link those to your key business objectives.

Who is this course for?

Voice of the Customer Analysis is a free training course for anyone who wants to learn how to use customer feedback to maximize the impact of CX initiatives, what strategies to use to analyze and optimize NPS and CSAT metrics, and how to align these with key business objectives. Our course provides the flexibility to explore the platform at your own pace. Simply start, take breaks, pick up where you left off, and finish the course whenever it suits you best.

  • CX leaders seeking to demonstrate the ROI of CX initiatives

  • CX, Customer Support, and Insights Teams aiming to optimize NPS and CSAT metrics and align them with key business goals

  • Analysts looking to quantify the impact of CX on key business metrics

What you'll learn

  • Success Planning

    Understand what key metrics you need to track when analyzing the voice of customer

  • Data Collection

    Learn how to design surveys, collect customer feedback, and combine it with behavioural and transactional data

  • VoC Analysis

    Find out why your NPS or CSAT changed, which customers were affected, and how it impacts your strategic goals

  • Sharing & Reporting

    Share insights with different stakeholders and build cross-organizational reporting

  • Taking Action

    Use insights to optimize customer journeys, drive customer loyalty and retention

  • Return of Investment

    Everything you need to know about measuring the impact of the changes you made

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Voice of the Customer Analysis

    1. Overview of the Key Metrics

    1. Achieving the Benefits

    2. Inputs for Analysis

    3. Data Enrichment

    4. Data Classification

    5. Insights Sharing & Reporting

    6. Insight Extraction

    7. Taking Action & Prioritisation

    8. Measuring Impact

    9. Culture & Organisational Set Up

    1. Voice of the Customer Analysis Quiz

About this course

  • Free
  • 12 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


Dmitry Isupov
Co-Founder of Chattermill
Dave Ascott
Strategy Lead